Who is this Uncle Earl guy?

Yes, folks there really was an Uncle Earl.  Rufus Earl Breedlove (1914 – 1988) husband, father, WW II Navy Vet, logger, farmer, teacher, a jack of all trades; a true American hero who was an inspiration to all who knew him.  Uncle Earl’s financial good sense was forged by the Great Depression.  Back in his day work was hard and dollars were scarce.  He quickly learned the real value of a dollar.  He understood that cheaper isn’t always better.  In fact the cheapest usually winds up being the most expensive in the long run.  He often said,


“There’s nothing in the world that someone can’t make a little worse and a little cheaper than the guy down the road.”


You would have never caught Uncle Earl in a pair of fancy designer jeans, nor would you see him buying cheap tools or appliances from a discount store.  He worked hard all of his life and believed in getting the most for the little money he had.  He understood value. 


“There’s no secret to make something cheap and there’s no secret to making something expensive.  The real challenge is to make something good at a great price.”


Keeping Uncle Earl’s simple philosophy in mind we set out to find the best values we could.  We have found several lines whereby we are buying direct from the manufacturer. 

It’s just the manufacturer, a truck, and us.  We’ve eliminated layer after layer of middlemen and the additional costs associated with every new layer.   Top quality lines such as Teknor Apex water hoses, Melnor water sprinklers, Seymour garden tools, Ferti Lome garden chemicals, Big Game hunting products, On Time deer feeders, and Prime Quality Feeds just to name a few.


Uncle Earl would have been real proud of the fact that we are now cleaning and sacking our own corn in bulk and in fifty pound bags.  A farmer, his truck, and our corn bin…. simple, sweet, and cheap.


Whenever you see Uncle Earl’s stamp of approval you know that you are getting the best value around.  It is our way of saying that no one but no one in our market can touch our price on this item. 


Visit us each month and check out our Uncle Earl Approved items.  Priced down and dirty to guarantee that you’ve found the best deals around.

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