We highly recommend our customers take soil samples and consult their county agent to make recommendations for their specific needs. 


Fruit and pecan trees

Always spread fertilizer around the edge of the leaf canopy or the “drip line”.

NEVER apply fertilizer against the trunk of your trees.


Year 1: Apply 1 cup or roughly ½ lb of Uncle Earl’s Favorite Fruit & Vegetable Fertilizer every 30 days to the edge of the leaf canopy.


Year 2: Follow the same schedule for Year 1, but double the amounts of fertilizer to 2 cups or 1 lb per application.


Year 3: By the third year expect trees to begin bearing fruit. 

In February apply Uncle Earl’s Favorite at the rate of one cup or ½ pound per inch of tree diameter.  To determine diameter of tree measure around the tree trunk with a tape measure and divide that figure by 3.14.


In May apply the same amount of Uncle Earl's Favorite Fertilizer. 


In August if there is no new growth or if leaves are yellow fertilize once again with the same amount of Uncle Ear's Fertilizer.


In November when tree is going dormant it is time to prune fruit trees.  A final application of Uncle Earl’s Favorite should be applied.

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