What's missing from your fertilizer?

Uncle Earl's Favorite Fruit Tree and Vegetable Fertilizer - With Pelletized Lime and Micro Nutrients

Warning - Do not use on pine trees, azaleas, blueberries or any other acid loving plant!


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No useless fillers - No junk in this bag. Every ounce of this product is designed to enrich Winn Parrish soil. Working with our County Agent we have quite possibly developed the ultimate fertilizer for Winn Parrish gardens and orchards. Not only does it contact Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash like regular ol' triple 8 or triple 13, but we've taken out all the fillers in those products and replaced them with Super Lime and the perfect blend of micro-nutrients to give your plants the best chance to thrive.


Why Super Lime? The ph of most soils here in Central Louisiana is notoriously low. That's great for pine trees, azaleas, blueberries and other acid loving plants, but not so good for most vegetables and fruit trees. The super lime we've added helps raise the ph in your ground, enabling your plants to absorb the nutrients they need.


Why Micro-Nutrients? Many of the problems our customers have with plants are very hard to diagnose. The problem is not a bug or fungus that we can identify. Rather, it is simply a deficiency in one of the many micro elements that plants require. The LSU Ag Center is now advising an annual application of these vital micro-nutrients. So we're doing our best to help. We've added Sulpher, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Calcium to address these needs.


Yelp, Uncle Earl would have loved this product. No hype, no junk, no fillers. Just another great value, more of the good stuff you've grown to expect from Town & Country.

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